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What could be more fun than sitting together with your friends and family and muse about your dream tipi? While there is a quiet beauty to an unpainted tipi, many customers get carried away with the possibility of designing their own tipi. We certainly encourage this and offer you two ways to go about it. You can pick from a wide variety of our existing standard designs and choose paint style and color combinations, or you can Go Totally Custom.

Below you will find all standard designs that we offer for Tipi Tops, for Upper and Lower Top Bands and for Bottom Skirts.

Phone: 541-389-3980

Please note that the "Tipi Top Solid" design can be used on its own, or as a background for one of the other designs.

Tepee top, big dipper
#36 - Big Dipper
teepee top, seven sisters
#37 - Seven Sisters
teepee top morning star
#38 - Morning Star
teepee top, crescent moon
#39 - Crescent Moon
teepee top, milky way
#40 - Milky Way
teepee top, faded smoke
#47- Faded Smoke
teepee top, solid
#42 - Tipi Top Solid
tipi top, four directions
#43 - Four Directions
teepee top, cloud spirits
#45 - Cloud Spirits
teepee top, sky spirits
#46 - Sky Spirits

You can choose any of your bands to be in either the "A" or "B" position as shown on the "Buffalo Trails" bands below. Three of our top band designs - Painted Desert, Rivers & Mesas, and Faded Smoke/Moon Phases - are wider and take up both the A & B positions.

teepee top bands Painted Desert
#45 - Painted Desert
teepee top band Rivers and Mesas
#43 - Rivers and Mesas
teepee top band Buffalo Trail
#38 - Bufflo Trail A or B
teepee top band Many Moons
#39 - Many Moons
teepee top band Faded Smoke and Moon Phases
#47 - Faded Smoke with #60 - Moon Phases
teepee top band Four Directions Buffalo Trail
#48 - Four Directions with #38 Buffalo Trail
teepee top band Four Directions
#48 - Four Directions
teepee top bands Moon Phases
#60 - Moon Phases
teepee bottom Warrior Spirits
#38 - Warrior Spirits
teepee bottoms Black Hills single
#36 - Black Hills Single Ball
teepee bottoms Many Mountains
#37 - Many Mountains
teepee bottom Black Hills double
#40 - Black Hills Double Ball
teepee bottom Big Lakes
#41 - Big Lakes
teepee bottom Solid
#42 - Solid Bottom
teepee bottom Many Lakes
#43 - Many Lakes

You'll find each of these designs listed in the drop-down menus when you go to Start from Scratch.  Here you can select the canvas color of your tipi cover, the color palette, and the colors for each element of the design. While you are selecting the designs, your current cost of the artwork is computed as well, and will change if you change the size of your tipi.

A second way to go about it is to check out the Standard Designs first. These are our most popular designs and you can order them as is, customize them by selecting a different color palette, or change just a few elements. Be sure to enter your correct tipi size in order to receive the accurate cost for the artwork.

Our design template will not show any designs you choose for the middle area, the door or the liner - but you can select them, so they get registered and included in the total cost of your design. You will find the pictograph animals and shaman figures, shields, murals and liner decoration stripes all in Middle Area, Door & Liner Designs.

When you are happy with your design, go to Review Design, where you will find a list of all elements chosen and where you can add personal design notes. This review page can be printed out or sent via e-mail to yourself or your friends.

If you have any questions about your tipi design or like to go ahead and order, you can submit your design to us where it says " Place your Order". Please enter your name and phone number before sending it to us, then call us at 1-541-389-3980 and talk to Harry or Jeremy. Please be sure to send us only your very final design that you wish to order.

Have fun being a kid again . . .

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