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When you think of glamping, what comes to mind? 


Maybe it’s a crisp white tent set up, with a porch, and a view of a spectacular natural wonder–with the comforts of home in a cozy space. Perhaps, it’s a camper or RV cruising down an open highway with music blaring, windows open, sun shining, without a care in the world. For the more eclectic traveler, it might be a unique structure like a covered wagon or treehouse. Whatever comes to mind for you when you think of glamping, at Nomadics Tipi Makers, we believe glamping should have a distinct atmosphere, while still allowing travelers around the world to stay connected with nature, and vacation in a sustainable and considerate way.

Today’s glampers have access to a variety of structures, vehicles, and campgrounds or resorts. Within this massive landscape, with endless options, what stands out? In a recent article published on the America Outdoors website, we talk about The Rise of Glamping and Trends in the travel marketplace. The story is about how glamping has evolved, and how a modern glamper has emerged with this booming industry. What stands out most to us at Nomadics Tipi Makers about the modern glamper is that these travelers aspire to vacation in structures, and at locations where the focus is on being earth-conscious, using sustainable materials, practices, and have an ethical culture and caring mission.


This trend toward soulful travel is what gets us excited. Why? Because our mission and vision for Nomadics Tipi Makers is to provide glamping tipis to campgrounds and resorts that are like-minded and believe in owning an ethical business that gives back and utilizes earth-conscious practices. After all, we have been making tipis since 1970, and have sent more than 30,000 tipis around the globe. With that kind of footprint, we know that our partnerships matter, and our customers are paying attention.  


Nomadics Tipi Makers is considered the leading and most authentic tipi maker in the US. We’ve withstood the test of time. We’ve made tipis for and consulted with business leaders and celebrities like Kevin Costner (while making the tipis for ‘Dances With Wolves’). 


And while we sell many tipis to individuals as a private space to reconnect with nature, we also endeavor to provide campgrounds and glamping sites with unique and beautiful accommodations that offer memorable experiences to their guests, in an authentic and minimalistic environment.

In 2016, we designed a tipi specifically for Campgrounds and Glamping Sites. Our glamping tipi is like no other tipi-structure on the market. From little details, like an oversized 5ft entrance for easier access, a unique zipper door, with a secondary lockable mosquito screen, to a fully functioning toilet inside the tipi, we’ve put caring thought into every aspect of the design. We care about and pay attention to individual details that make the glamping experience in one of our tipis comfortable and unconventional.


Learn more about the Nomadics Tipi Makers Glamping Tipi on our website. And, read the article on The Rise of Glamping: Market Evolution & Trends by America Outdoors to get the full story. 

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