We offer you two different appearances for your tipi art work and three different schemes or “color palettes” to choose from. All of our designs can be painted in either artistic style. One is the look of clean, crisp lines in standard colors. We call this the Solid-Color Style. We have two different color palettes available in the Solid-Color Style: The Southwest Desert Colors and the Bright Primary Colors.

The Southwest Desert Colors are rich yet subtle colors and they have a natural, deep earthen tone to them. The finished look of the painted surface is flat, not shiny. Please notice that our Southwest yellow has changed, please ask us about it.

The Bright Primary Colors are the standard bright primary rainbow colors and have a semi-gloss finished appearance.

In 1989, we created another painting style which we called the Antique Wash Style. This Antique Wash technique gives the design the appearance of having been painted long time ago by native artists using brushes made of grass, reeds or animal hair. The colors we use are soft and have the organic hues and tones of those of the natural plant mineral sources from which they were originally derived. The lines and textures of this painting technique itself create a leather-like appearance on the tipi canvas.

Besides the color palette itself, the actual color of the tipi cover and liner fabric also adds to the beauty of the overall design effect. In the 13oz non-flame resistant and the 15oz fabric, you may choose between a natural off-white color and a light tan color. The tan color fabric is intended to resemble the original look of leather.