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This is your primary design page. Be sure to enter the correct size of your tipi, so the current cost of your design is accurate. Now you can play around with designs, color palettes and fabric color. Click on "Review and Order" if you like to e-mail your design to yourself or friends or if you are ready to order. If you are designing multiple tipis, be sure to click START OVER for each tipi.

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You may record notes about your design, including requests for custom artwork or design modifications. The above 'Current cost of your design' will not reflect these additional design modifications. Please call Nicole or Li for custom estimates or for any other help you might need in finalizing your artwork. Call Mon-Fri, 9.00 am - 4.00pm PST at (541) 389-3980.


Important Message

The design proportions shown in the above graphic are very close approximations to the way your final painted tipi will look. However, due to the great variation in monitor color display and printer quality, the colors displayed here are close approximations at best.

To place your tipi order, please contact: Nomadics Tipi Makers - 1-541-3893980 -