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This space is available to help you remember your questions and comments when you talk to us on the phone. Be sure to always click "enter" after you typed something in it.

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You may choose to include notes concerning...
  • Request for additional symbol(s) on the right side of the top design
  • Addition to Top Design such as pictograph birds or custom star constellations
  • Clarification about the number and position of artwork for the middle area
  • Requests for liner decoration strip designs along the pinning face
  • Notes about your door design
  • Notes about your liner design
  • Feedback about this "Design Your Own" interactive system

Important Message

The design proportions shown in the above graphic are very close approximations to the way your final painted tipi will look. However, due to the great variation in monitor color display and printer quality, the colors displayed here are close approximations at best.

To place your tipi order, please contact: Nomadics Tipi Makers - 1-541-3893980 -