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Cover Palette is Southwest Desert

Liner Palette



Pictograph Animals (details)


Shaman Figures and Animals (details)


Shields & Murals (details)


Liner Decoration Designs (details)

Your liner decoration design can be in another color palette than the outside cover. If you choose pictographs, shields or murals for your liner, though, this system will calculate them as being in the same paint style as the outside cover. To change this, please make a design note or let Harry know when you talk to him.

Important Message

The design proportions shown in the above graphic are very close approximations to the way your final painted tipi will look. However, due to the great variation in monitor color display and printer quality, the colors displayed here are close approximations at best.

To place your tipi order, please contact: Nomadics Tipi Makers - 1-541-3893980 -