The Hale-Bopp Comet and the Magic of the Tipi
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14ft – 22dt Tipi Combo at Mustang Monument, NV

14ft tan in SW Colors

16ft - simple and beautiful, artwork for $210

16ft 20 oz flame fabric

16ft tan with liner, winterproofed

16ft with temporary raincap, Portuguese Azores

18ft aboriginal tipi, antique wash, AZ

18ft bright red on white fabric

18ft Coyote Camp

18ft with elk, Sweden

20ft Deer Tipi, Ventura KOA, CA

20ft Eagle and Elk, artwork for $265

20ft night time at Ventura KOA, CA

20ft tan cover with $350 in artwork / $260 without animals

20ft tan with 6ft liner and moonlight magic, AL

26ft at the Eco Aldea Madre Tierra, Cundinamarca, Columbia

26ft set up at park festival

26ft with Raincap at the Baltic Sea, Germany

A 20ft Tipi as an eyecatcher for the Handlebar in Singapore

Andre Gessner took this beauty-picture of an 18ft Japan

Attila's 22ft shaman tipi, Hungary

Barb's "Family & Kids" Tipi - Spokane, Washington

Becky's 18ft Ceremonial in wash

Bills 18ft tan with smoke-faded top, MO

Ceremonial Design

Ceremonial designs on tan fabric, VT

Ceremonial on tan without liner, OR

Doug's handpainted artwork

Edward's Shaman Deer Tipi, VA

Egbert's permanent 18ft home in fall, Holland

Flying in for a night out in the tipi, Priest Lake, ID

Frank's 12ft Nomadics tipi

Freewheeling Frank's 18ft healing lodge

Geo Tipi, Sedona, AZ

Gerd's 16ft community tipi, Germany

Gus in Canada - Serious winter tipi living

Hassan’s Streetball Event Tipis in Kuwait

Horseback destination: David's tipi, Switzerland

In front of the Lincoln Memorial - Washington D.C.

Ivan's 20ft near Melbourne, Australia

Jane's 26ft tipis with raincap in Italy

Janet's 20ft dream come true - San Diego, CA

Jeanne's winter hide-away in North Park, Colorado

Juan's 20ft overlooking the valley, Colombia

Kevin’s custom colors for his 18ft Ceremonial Design

Lynn's 14ft with raincap in Devon, England

Marie's 20ft tipis, Belgium

Mark's 22ft in beautiful White Rock, NM

Marv's 20ft rainbird tipi, CA

Nomadics own 14ft cover

Olaf's 14ft campout, Holland

Ole and his friends, Sweden

Owen family's 20ft tipi, Vermont

Peter's 20ft Boy Scout tipi

Sera Mac’s 14 ft. tipi at Burning Man

Six tipi-years so far at the Naked Nest Ranch, CA - still loving it.

Stefan's 18ft for the Forest Adventure team, Belgium

Steve's 20ft with white pinning face, CO

Steve's Earth-Stained 18 ft. Tipi, Hawaii

Thierry's 20ft tipis, tucked away in Southern France

Two Strikes and his friends 22ft lodge

Ward's 18ft arrived the day before the ceremony, Belgium

Will and Melissa's permanent "tree-house" tipi

Yoshi's 20ft tipi with bamboo poles, Japan