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Step 1: Tipi Configuration

Tipi Size

Tipi Cover


Tipi Components

Tipi Package
Choosing a tipi package preselects all essential components required for set-up.
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Have questions or want to learn more? Take a moment to Review our Tipi Purchasing Guide.

Step 2: Tipi Art


Art images are not to scale and are representations only. Color, size, proportions and style will vary. For examples of our colors, Review our Tipi Artwork Page. For examples of our art, Review our Gallery

Tipi Color Palette

Tipi Background Color

Top Design

Top Band Designs

You’ve selected a Faded Smoke Top vs. a Solid Top. Our tipi builder cannot show a Top Band or Picto Bird in the Faded Smoke Top, so there will not be a menu option to add one. If you would like to add a Top Band, such as the Moon Phases or Picto Eagle/Hawk, to your Faded Smoke Top, please write those instructions in the Questions/Comments field.
Upper Top Band Design
You've selected a large band design. These designs are wider and take both upper and lower band positions.
Lower Top Band Design

Tipi Pinning

Middle Area Designs

Bottom Skirt Designs

Liner Designs

This Tipi Builder doesn’t currently support selecting artwork for your liner or your door. Please add a Comment on the right if you would like artwork for those items and we can add it during the order confirmation process

To view and calculate the Liner Designs, please review our Liner Design Help.

Step 3: Tipi Accessories

SW Wool Rugs


SW Wool Pillows


Canvas Pillow


Backrest Chairs


Canvas Organizer


Canvas Bags