The liners for all tipis come in three large pieces of canvas that we call liner sections. Each liner has one ‘back section’ and two ‘side sections’, which are velcroed together. The left side and the right side sections are often shorter than the middle section. Each section is made up of individual liner panels. Each panel is approximately 3ft wide and can be painted with one horizontal decoration strip at the top. Our graphic shows the amount of panels per tipi size.
To make a horizontal line around the full circumference of the liner, you will need as many decoration strips as you have liner panels. As the first and last side panels often get wrapped around the door pole, though, we suggest not to paint those two panels. To make a vertical line, we usually use two decoration strips on a 6ft liner. Vertical lines at the beginning and the end of each of the three sections will therefore need 12 decoration strips. On a 9 ft. liner, the use of two liner decoration strips will give you a vertical line that ends about 4 ft. from the ground.
18’6’ Liner, 2 panels per vertical line
20’6’ Liner, 3 panels per vertical line
22’9’ Liner, 2 vertical lines at the door

Classical liner decoration strips

We offer eight intricately hand painted liner decoration strips in three different price categories. They can be painted in Antique Wash, SW Paint or Bright Paint. You can choose to use one design for your horizontal and vertical lines, or combine two different designs. Please specify your color palette preference when ordering your liner decoration strips.
When laying out your liner, have your furniture placement in mind. There is a difference between furnishing your tipi with mattresses and our backrest chairs close to the ground, or planning on full size beds, futons, chair or cabinets. You do not want to order a beautiful mural, just to have it covered up by a piece of furniture. Please visit our Photo Gallery for many more examples of tipi interiors and the liner decoration used.

calculating your liner sections

On a 6ft liner,  you will need to calculate two liner decoration strips to make a vertical line. On a 9ft liner,  the use of 2 liner deco strips will give you a vertical line that ends about 3ft from the ground. The use of 3 liner deco strips will give you a vertical line almost to the ground. If you plan on furniture in your tipi, think about its location before deciding on placement and lengths of vertical liner strips needed, as these beautifully hand painted, intricate design strips are adding to the art budget quickly.

liner artwork by panel

All liner decoration strips can be painted in Antique Wash, SW Paint or Bright Paint. You may also combine them with shields, animals or shaman figures, or you may prefer to use those middle area designs on your liner without any further decoration. Our graphic shows you the amount of panels per tipi size and gives you suggestions on where to place liner deco strips, shields or animals. If budget is a concern, a dominant shield in the center back, a few pictograph animals or just a horizontal line will do nicely. And there is always the option to paint your liner yourself with very personal symbolism.

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