Making tipis with respect for authenticity and for the integrity of craftsmanship since 1970

We follow the basic three pole design of the Native American cultures of the Great Plains

Because of our respect for authenticity, and our excellent craftsmanship, we were chosen to provide all the tipis for the movie “Dances With Wolves”.  The wide range of our hand-painted artwork along with our practical, contemporary adaptations make the tipi experience comfortable, unique, personal and unforgettable for both individuals and for campground glamping enthusiasts.

we offer a range of sizes and accessories for our tipis

Our tipi sizes range from small 12ft travel lodges to large 26ft ceremonial tipis for gatherings and for guest accommodations. Our traditional models have a door flap which covers a standard 5ft high door hole opening.  Our glamping model for campgrounds has a 6ft-7ft oversize door opening that is securely covered with a lockable zipper/screen door.  Critter Guard, Mosquito Guard, Rain Caps and Raincatchers are convenient accessories that can be added when necessary to increase the comfort of a wonderfully magical night in a tipi.

Get your order started with our tipi builder

Choose you tipi size and accesories with our real time tipi builder. See your tipi creation come to life with canvas finishes and artwork. This is the best way to start your tipi order and start to explore all of the tipi items and artwork options available for you.

you can mix and match over 70 designs in your tipi artwork builder, or you can create your very own custom design

While a tan or white tipi is beautiful in itself, the artwork will make it unique and personal to your sense of beauty or the expressions of your dreams and visions. If you have something specific in mind that is precious to you, you can send us pictures, drawings or compositions which our artists can translate onto the tipi canvas. The outside tipi cover and the inside liner offer tremendous possibilities to express your love for nature, your inspirations and your creativity.
We believe that our success as a business comes not despite our ethical accountability, but because of it. We plant a new tree on an Indian Reservation for every poles we sell, all cotton we purchase is 100% organic, we are part of Green America and 1% for the Planet and we spend between $20,000-$30,000 each year on scholarships for Native American Women, tipi donations, and cash donations to Native American and Environmental Organizations.

We are here to help, and answer any questions you might have. Here are a some reference videos:

If you have ever wondered how a tipi is set up and whether you could do it yourself, here is a quick overview of our set up instructions.
This video showcases our Traditional Model Tipi in all of the sizes we offer. Please watch this video to help determine the right size for you
Our Campground Model Tipis have an oversized door entrance with a zipper closure. Please watch this to learn about all the comfort features we offer.
In “Tipis as Glamping Units”, we are discussing the most commonly asked questions by those outfitting their tipi for overnight accomodation.

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