A Sioux style tipi is an asymmetrically tilted cone. This creates more head space and living space in the back of the tipi as well as an egg-shaped floor plan. The table below will give you the most important measurements for each tipi size. Please note that all measurements are approximations only, because woven fabric will always shrink and expand slightly.
To determine which size is right for you, please watch our video, The Traditional Tipi Model, or scroll though our slideshow below. It will show you pictures of the outside and the inside of every size from 12ft to 26ft. The size of our tipis refer to the diameter across the ground, from the very back to the front underneath the door opening.
To view the slideshow, click on the first picture and use the < > buttons to scroll
Deciding on how you are planning to use your tipi will always help you determine the best size. Will you have a fire pit on the ground with an open fire? A fire pit is 3 ft. in diameter, and you will need to have space to walk around it, therefore you should not go smaller than a 16 ft. for your tipi size. If you plan to be off the ground in chairs and beds, then the larger tipis from 20 ft. onwards are your better choice. If you plan on sleeping in your tipi in a double bed and having some room for chairs as well, then a 22 ft. will work best. Our most popular size for personal use is the 18 ft., for commercial use it is the 24 ft. size.

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