We Care


It is our commitment in all that we do to help sustain the values of the Native American Culture. The values that we support specifically are the Stewardship and the Protection of Mother Earth and Respect and Support for the Native People of this land. We donate tipis to Native Americans in need, we give Native American individuals and Native American non-profit organizations a 10% discount and we make annual donations to the Native American Rights Fund, Native American Heritage Museum, Lakota Law Project, ACLU and Greenpeace, among others. In 2016, Nomadics Tipi Makers supported the No DAPL Movement at the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. 81 tipis were purchased with large discounts and were taken to Standing Rock by volunteer water protectors. Nomadics also donated 10 tipis,  including a 26ft community tipi, painted with portraits and quotes from Native American Elders. In 2017 and 2018, we donated around $30,000 to the Romero Institute’s “Lakota People’s Law Project”. In 2019, we started our sustained support to the Pine Ridge Reservation, SD, valued at around $40,000 each year.

College Scholarship for young Native Women

Nomadics has created a scholarship fund of $5,000 per student/year for 4 young Native American women out of highschool who would like to study at the Oglala Lakota College in Kyle, SD (www.olc.edu). Jeila Schuh, Kateri Denni, Raina Clifford and Sylviana Eagle Elk have started their education with the help of our scholarship in 2019. We will support these young women throughout their education and will visit them in May 2020. 

Each student has written an essay about their experience of life on the reservation and how they plan to contribute to change once they have earned their degree. Here is what Sylviana Eagle Elk writes:


“Growing up on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, we face difficult hardships such as Poverty, Unemployment, Substance Abuse, and Alcoholism. Growing up in such a place, can leave you wondering if it will ever change…” 


We hope to help Sylviana be that change for her people.

Tree Planting with Red Cloud Renewables, LLC

Nomadics is committed to planting one new tree for every pole that we sell. Instead of planting trees in the Amazon, we partnered with Henry Red Cloud and his 100% Native American run and operated non-profit organization on the Pine Ridge Reservation (https://www.redcloudrenewable.org/). For the year 2019, we have paid Red Cloud Renewable $17,500 to plant 7,000 tree seedlings in May 2020.

As of May 2020, The Red Cloud Renewable tree planters have finished planting 18 thousand Ponderosa Pines and 3,000 cottonwoods on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. This includes about 7,500 trees in the recent fire area near the Kili Radio Station. Nomadics Tipi Makers helped in part to fund this effort.


In total the Pine Ridge Tree Planters have planted 135,000 tree seedlings including about 10,000 at the Bear Butte vision quest area near Sturgis SD.

Tipi covers painted by Native Americans on Pine Ridge Reservation

In order to create income on the Pine Ridge Reservation, we have started an initiative where we offer job opportunities to Native American artists. We are willing to send a tipi cover to them, have it painted by them in their location, then send the cover back. 100% of the price we achieve for the artwork will go to the artist, Nomadics will not profit on the artwork. We will share some pictures once we have received the first tipi covers back.

Ethical Accountability and Sustainability


We adhere to ethical values of respect, honor and care of Nature as well as fair, honest and respectful treatment of our employees, contractors, suppliers and customers. We strive to be accountable and sustainable in all we do, and our efforts have gained us the recognition as “Certified Business – Green America.”  The basis for this certification is our use of 100% organic cotton for all our fabrics, waste reduction to less than 1%, recycled material projects, minimum wage of $15/h, 6% of 401(k) contribution to assure a livable retirement, loyalty discounts and a sustained support of Native Americans in forms of shelter, education and legal service programs. In 2020, Nomadics Tipi Makers also joint 1% for the Planet, a pledge to donate 1% of Sales to environmental organizations.


Recycled Materials Project

As part of our commitment to sustainable practices as a company, we have made efforts to recycle as much of our excess material as possible by using those materials to create “recycled materials products” that serve of variety of purposes, many of which add to your tipi experience. In addition to recycling material that would otherwise end up in the trash, each of these products also generate a donation to Native American causes. Therefore, the benefit from these items are two-fold.


In an additional effort to support this project, each customer who pays their invoice (over $2,000) with either check or bank-transfer will have included one of these items, the cost of which is reimbursed by Nomadics. For orders over $4000, two items will be added free of charge and the proceeds will be donated to the Romero Institute’s “Lakota Law Project.”

If you are interested in any of these items and supporting this effort, we are happy to add them to your order. You are also welcome to visit our online store where all of these items and more are available for purchase individually.

Our current selection of recycled material products include the following items:

  • Toad Stools – These stools are made using the leftover spools from our staking cord and smoke flap cord. These spools are made from surprisingly durable material that allows us to confidently use them as a base for our toad stools. We paint these spools a variety of nice colors and then give them out to our skilled seamstress to be upholstered with a covering cut from our leftover 100% organic cotton-base canvas. Once the stools have been upholstered, our talented artists paint a variety of beautiful animal pictograph figures on them resulting in a decorated, comfortable toad stool that is ideal for using in your tipi.
  • Canvas Pillows – We use squares of our white and tan canvas to seam together beautiful canvas pillow cases that can work to compliment the interior furnishings of your tipi.
  • Hand Bags – Crafted using partially recycled canvas, these bags are created using additional fabric from a variety of beautiful designs.
  • Organizer – Using 100% recycled canvas, these organizers were designed by our seamstress to help them stay organized and now they can help you do the same.


The T-shirts “Buffalos’ Dream” and “Horses’ Dream” were designed by Jeb and Nicole, and they are sold to support Native American causes. Each T-shirt generates $15 in donations. In 2018, we raised $3,234 to help with the legal defenses of Chase Iron Eyes. Chase is a Native American activist and an attorney from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in North Dakota. He was charged with a felony, conspiracy and trespassing on his own tribal land while peacefully protesting the unauthorized construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline through their reservation. We had the honor of meeting Chase and we can attest to his profoundly peaceful character and unbound dedication to his people and to the protection of Mother Earth. He was acquitted of all charges.



The T-shirts and Tanks are produced locally in Bend, OR. The back of the T-shirts are printed with Chief Seattle’s quote “ What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves”. Price $29. 

The back of the shirts will be printed with the following text: “What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves.”