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We reinforce along the bottom edge of the teepee cover by sewing a 3” nylon webbing band onto the inside. Our peg loops are made of 1” synthetic webbing and get sewn down between the hemmed canvas cover and the 3” webbing band. The peg loops are reinforced with an extra canvas patch and cross stitching to assure that they do not pull out.

The door entrance and pinning face with the button holes have double canvas reinforcement plus a 3” webbing band sewn into the pinning strip. You will see this when you inspect the button hole slits. Each button hole is 1” long and has a ⅝” slit to hold the lacing pins snugly in place. The slits have to be just long enough to allow the pins to get through, otherwise the pinning face would leak. You will also see that the distance between both button holes in the same row on the left side of the cover is wider than the distance on the right side. This makes pinning the two sides together a little easier.

The transition from the top of the pinning face to the smoke flaps is prone to rip without reinforcement – To assure that this does not happen with a Nomadics Tipi, we insert a nylon cord around the whole “L” and triple stitch each corner. This way, the smoke flap cannot possibly rip off the teepee cover.

Although the smoke flaps have a salvage edge that cannot frey, we still hem the whole smoke flap edge. We also reinforce the smoke flap tie loop with a patch and add two extra layers of fabric to the smoke flap pockets. Both the upside and the downside of the smoke flap pockets are doubled up, so pointy smoke flap poles cannot poke though them.

The ‘W’ contains the lift pole flap and the upper sides of the smoke flaps, ending in the smoke flap pockets. The whole area is reinforced with a second layer of fabric, then hemmed with 3” webbing. When we suggest to put a nail through the lift pole flap after you tied the teepee cover to it, you will hammer through 4 layers of fabric. This will ensure that the fabric will not rip when lifting the lift pole up with the teepee cover attached. 


Anna Walsh

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