Since 1970, we have been providing retreats, campgrounds and recreation areas with our tipis. As a service to these facilities we offer this directory listing to all who are sending us pictures, a little text and a link to their website. If you have Nomadics Tipis that you are renting out, we would love to feature you as well – Just let us know.

Tipis provide an utterly unique overnight shelter for campers and are an excellent addition to any outdoor facility. Check out the success story of Ventura Ranch, KOA, who added a tipi village as an accommodation option to their campground. Their initial turn-key cost for a 22ft tipi including furniture and concrete slab was around $6000, their income per tipi is $8,000-$9,000 per year at a rental rate of $89. Considering that the replacement cost per tipi is around $2,000 every 4-5 years for a painted cover and door, a tipi village is financially successful even at a rental rate of $59/$69 per night.

Campground Model

Over the years we have received requests, input and feedback from campgrounds, KOA and retreat owners which has helped us to create a tipi that is ideal for a campground setting. Without the help from many wonderful campground owners, the Campground Model would not be what it is today. We are constantly listening for feedback and are incorporating suggestions into our design and manufacturing process, so feel free to lend a hand.


As a result of our collaboration with campgrounds, we have introduced a Campground Model with the following features:


  • 15 oz flame-resistant Sunforger treated All-Weather fabric
  • Larger 6ft door opening to improve access
  • Patented lockable Zipper/Mosquito Screen Door 
  • Mesh Critter Guard around the bottom of the tipi
  • Mesh Mosquito Guard covering smoke flap opening
  • Critter guard, sturdy tightly woven polyethylene mesh that is sewn onto the bottom of the tipi cover.
  • Mosquito guard, sturdy tightly woven polyethylene mesh that is sewn onto the smoke flap, used to cover the opening.
  • Rain Cap, 9′ or 12′ diameter 15oz fabric circle that you place on top of your poles. Rain cap has 8 loop and includes tent stakes and rope. Recommended size differ depending on pole length, please contact us to determine correct rain cap size. Rain cap fabric is not flame resistant.
  • Zipper Door, 5′ high door with a middle zip opening, commercial 15 gauge zipper, velcro and D-rings to lock the door to the tipi cover.
  • Sand Snakes, 6′ long canvas tubes with a velcro closure, used to weigh down the liner. You provide the sand to fill.

Exclusive Nomadics Zipper Door 

In collaboration with campgrounds we have created a door solution that Velcro’s onto the cover and zips up through the middle, tying back on either side. The door opening has been increased to 5 feet high which now allows for easier entrance and a better closure and the door can also be locked for added security.

Zipper door securely locked.

Optional Critter Guard

Critter guard covers the gap beneath the tipi cover and helps to prevent many types of critters from entering your tipi. Our critter guard is a sturdy, tightly woven polyethylene mesh that is sewn onto the bottom of the tipi cover.


Optional Mosquito Guard

Mosquito Guard covers the opening between the smoke flaps at the top of the tipi.