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Prices & Ordering

Please scroll down to view our price lists or to calculate your order with our tipi price estimator (green button). To place an order, the best way to get all the details correct is to give us a phone call at 1-541-389-3980, Mon – Fri 9:00am – 4:00pm Pacific Coast Time, USA. We enjoy the personal connection with each of you and will always take the time to answer any questions you may have. Our busiest months are March – June and to assure that you will get your tipi in time for your season, please order as soon as you can! This helps us out, too. Orders must be fully paid before we ship, but you can place the order and then come back with your decision on your artwork a bit later. This places you in line in our painting schedule. As payment, we accept credit cards, cashiers check, money order or a wire transfer to our account. We give volume discount on orders of three tipis or more if you pay via wire transfer to our bank account.

Tipis are shipped via UPS Ground within the United States and Canada. Tipi poles are shipped seperately via freight truck from Montana or Oregon. (Please! Be available to receive your packages and poles when they arrive – you will be charged if they are returned to us as undeliverable). We also ship our tipis all over the world. International orders ship via Fedex Economy to your address, but we cannot ship poles. For more information please visit our page Teepees Worldwide, Teepees Down Under for Australia and New Zealand, or Indianerzelte in Deutschland.

We invite all our international customers to e-mail Li. If you prefer to write in German, French or Spanish, Nicole can answer you. This might take a little longer, though, as she travels frequently. Our e-mail is Please always include a phone number when you write us. Thank you.

CANCELLATION /  RETURNS: Cancelled orders that have not been shipped are subject to a 5% cancellation fee. Unused tipis and accessories can be returned, subject to a 10% restocking fee. Artwork is non-refundable, all painted covers/liners will be reimbursed at the unpainted item price only.

Custom artwork: we offer commercial art at a very reasonable price. Due to the amount of artwork we handle every day and into the night, we do not do mock ups, previews or send pictures for approval. To respect Native American culture, we do not paint any form of religious symbols on our tipis. Our talented artists paint directly onto the canvas and your tipi is folded and packed the minute it is dry. If you are uncomfortable with this procedure and/or if you are very particular about the outcome of your design, we encourage you to hire your own artist that you can supervise. Please acknowledge that all artwork is non-refundable.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who behaves in a verbally abusive or bullying manner at any point during our business transaction.

We offer a traditional model tipi and a campground model, to learn more about the campground model please visit our glamping page.

We only ship poles to the US and Canada. Please visit our Tipis Worldwide page to find more information on sourcing poles in your area.

The discounted pole prices to the left are package prices and apply only if you purchase a tipi package that includes a tipi cover. If you are looking for poles only, the prices for a set of poles is given on the far right column.

All poles are shipped peeled. Once your poles arrive, you will need to do the final smoothing and weatherization of the tipi poles yourself. The process is not difficult or time consuming, and you will have years of satisfaction looking up at your tipi poles and knowing that you participated in their beauty and longevity. We give detailed instructions both on our website and in our set-up instruction manual. An electric sander or planer is all that you need to do the final smoothing of the already hand-peeled surface. After smoothing, thoroughly coat your finished pole with a good quality wood penetrant/preservative. Boiled linseed oil is a good natural product. You can also find an environmentally friendly product at

Shipping costs for tipi poles vary a lot. Please call us for a quote to your zip-code. Poles are always shipped by motor freight; they usually take 2 – 4 weeks for delivery and you must be present and available for unloading when they arrive. Tipi Poles and all freight must be prepaid.

Pricelist for: Optional Accessories & Furnishings
Tipi Size (floor diameter
front to rear)
8′ 12′ 14′ 16′ 18′ 20′ 22′ 26′

Ground Cover

Heavy-duty 16 mill reinforced polyethylene waterproof

$45 $90 $110 $135 $170 $190 $225 $290

Tipi Ozan

Interior half-moon shaped ceiling

_ $70 $95 $110 $125 $140 $190 $300
Tipi Raincap
White or Tan (non flame-resistant) with ropes & stakes
_ _ $130 $130 $130 $220 $220 $130
Stuff Sack for Tipi
3′ x 4′ (10 oz. Sunforger finish army duck canvas)
$20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20
Tipi Backrest Chair $49 each. Please see Accessories & Furnishings
Sand Snakes
6ft long tubes w. Velcro closure
$10 each. Please see Accessories & Furnishings
Southwest Design Rug
4ft. x 6ft. – Choose between 9 patterns
$115 each. Please see Accessories & Furnishings
South West Design Pillows
Designs compliment Southwest Design Rugs
$29 each. Please see Accessories & Furnishings
Toad Stool
Low stool made from recycled materials
$49 each. Please see Accessories & Furnishings
Hand bag made partially from recycled canvas
$25 each. Please see Accessories & Furnishings
Canvas Pillow
Pillow made from recycled canvas
$22 each. Please see Accessories & Furnishings
Canvas organizer made from recycled canvas
$29 each. Please see Accessories & Furnishings
Pricelist for: T-Shirts
Buffalo Unisex T-Shirt $29
Buffalo Hoody $45
Ladies Horse T-Shirt $29
Ladies Horse Tank $29

For more information about our T-Shirts, Please visit our page We Care.

Click here for the Artwork Price List.

With all of our full size tipis purchased for the USA, we include the gift of a traditional “Smudge Stick”. For international orders, we do not add it to your package in order to avoid any difficulties with importing plant material. Traditional Native American smudge sticks are made with white sage and sweet grass. The smudge stick is burned as a ritual gesture to ensure that peace and good fortune pervade the space of your tipi. The different tipi tribes of the Great Plains have their own cultural belief systems about the smudge stick ritual, but in general it is used to purify one’s self or one’s space. With ritual gestures it is offered to the four cardinal directions and to the Great Spirit. The rising smoke helps connect the lodge owner to their Spirit Helpers and Power Animals and carries this intention to the Sky World above where the Spirit Beings and the Ancestors live. We sell additional smudge sticks for $5. Just ask us.