Setting up your teepee correctly and taking care of the canvas properly are key to keeping your teepee beautiful for many years.

set-up of your teepee

Every tipi that you order will come with an up to date 30-page printed set-up instruction booklet. Please use this booklet to lead you as you are setting up your tipi. We also offer very detailed set-up videos for setting up a traditional model tipi, as well as a PDF of our instruction booklet. If you are new to setting up a Nomadics tipi, we suggest that you preview both the whole booklet and the full length video the day before you are actually plan to set it up.

installation of accessories

In this section, we provide set-up assistance for the Campground Zipper Door, Critter Guard, Mosquito Guard, Rain Cap, Raincatcher, Ozan, Sand Snakes and Door Snakes, as well as tips and tricks for tipi living. We will also share customer videos, so please send us your YouTube links of living the Nomadics Tipi Life !!!!

tending to your teepee

Once your tipi is set up and you plan to leave it up, you will need to tend to it through the seasons. You also want to learn how to use the smoke flaps correctly and how to secure your tipi well if extreme weather is forecasted. Tending to your tipi is crucial if you want to enjoy your tipi cover as long as possible.

care of your canvas and poles

100% cotton is a beautiful, natural canvas – and it has its challenges in today’s extreme environment. Learn about the products we recommend to keep your tipi canvas and its artwork looking beautiful for many years. We also suggest that you sand your poles and treat them with a wood preservative before you set them up.

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