Rainbow Magic in Arizona

Every tipi that you order will come with a 30-page printed set-up instruction booklet. For your convenience, you can also preview the booklet and print out parts of it from the pdf-files below. In addition to our printed version, we have made a set-up video (1:12:27) that will give you the same information. You may watch the full video in one piece or view individual segments. We suggest, though, that you preview both the whole booklet and the full video before the day you plan to set up your tipi.

Note: These PDFs do not work with the built-in Google Chrome viewer. You can deactivate the Chrome viewer by going to chrome://plugins. Otherwise download using Adobe Reader through the printer function.

Choose and click the icon at left for a pdf of the booket you want.

Nomadics Tipi’s Full-Length Set-Up Video

Segment 1:

Choosing Your Site

(run time – 0:01:24)

Segment 2:

A Historical Note

(run time – 0:07:11)

Segment 3:

Tools You Will Need

(run time – 0:04:17)

Segment 4:

Preparing Your Tipi Poles

(run time – 0:04:07)

Segment 5:

Laying Out the Tripod Poles

(run time – 0:04:04)

Segment 6:

Tying the Tripod Poles with Clove Hitch

(run time – 0:02:23)

Segment 7:

Setting Up the Tripod

(run time – 0:4:33)

Segment 8:

Laying in All the Tipi Poles

(run time – 0:06:00)

Segment 9:

Putting on the Tipi Cover

(run time – 0:20:41)

Segment 10:

Using the Smoke Flaps

(run time – 0:09:41)

Segment 11:

Putting on the Tipi Door

(run time – 0:07:41)

Segment 12:

Putting on the Tipi Liner

(run time – 0:17:55)